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SALVO Project
A multi‐sector collaboration to research, develop and define best practices in the management of aging assets:

  • To identify and demonstrate optimal timing for asset replacement
  • To evaluate optimal inspection, maintenance and refurbishment options
  • To develop decision‐making disciplines: force the right questions to be asked
  • To identify decision‐specific data needs and how to use data correctly
  • To capture and quantify ’tacit’ knowledge, experience and expertise
  • To forecast expenditure, risk profiles and resource requirements based on clear business case justification
SALVO also incorporates appropriate elements of the European MACRO project, and proven technologies of the APT decision support tools.

In line with guidance from the PAS 55 standard for optimized management of physical assets, there are three main levels of ‘granularity’ required for improving life cycle decision-making:
  • Individual intervention decisions for individual assets (‘shall I do this job on this asset, if so, when?)
  • Optimal combination of inspections, maintenance and renewal modifications for specific assets or asset groups to deliver optimal whole life cycle value.
  • Total population/system investment plans, maintenance, resourcing and performance forecasting and ‘what if’? Studies.
SALVO will improve capability to address the fist two of these in a quantified, risk-based manner, and enable much better linkages and contributions to the third (i.e. ‘bottom-up justification and transparency for what needs to be spent, when and where).

  • Group assets into families for management strategy
  • Identify suitable intervention options for each family
  • Optimize individual interventions for each family
  • Integrate work program and bundling
  • Track total costs and risks
Fig. SALVO Project methodology

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