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Risk Analysis
. Identify risks. Analyze risks. Evaluate risks. Treat risks. Program to monitor and review risks.
Gap Analysis
. Conduct workshops with staff. Develop initiatives to close gaps. Prepare prioritized roadmaps.
Grant Funding Applications
. Assist is writing applications for grant funding through various agencies.
. Develop curriculum. Deliver training sessions. Conduct assessments and/or exam invigilation.
Level of Service
knot Identify level of service (LOS) measures and corresponding targets. Review data sources.
Maintenance Optimization
. Review existing practices. Asset lifecycle analysis. Analyze trade-offs between maintenance and repairs.
Asset Management Plans
. State of infrastructure. Level of service. Risk analysis. Asset lifeycle strategies. Financial strategies and infrastructure gaps.
Process Mapping
. Improve business procedures. Support cross-functional teamwork. Align governance structures.
Decision Frameworks
. Develop decision criteria. Conduct multi-objective decision analysis. Triple bottom line weightings.
Data & Systems
. Data quality assessment. Data cleansing. Software systems evaluation. Data configuration.
Policy & Strategy
. Develop principles for decision-making. Support alignment from leadership to front-line staff.
Change Management
. Evaluate organizational structure and culture. Develop customized roadmaps to operationalize initiatives.


      Our Mission - To help asset-intensive organizations, such as municipalities, Visual-ize their asset management systems in order to effectively Vision-ize their teams

      Our Vision - Accelerating knowledge transfer in asset-intensive organizations

      Our Values - Professionalism and responsiveness - Mindfulness of different opinions

      Our Philosphy - "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it" (Drucker) and "If you can't visual-ize it you can't vision-ize it" (the AIM team)


Systems Management, Urban & Regional Planning, Facilitator

A Certified ISO 55001 Asset Management Assessor, a Certified Reserve Analyst, an Urban & Regional Planner, Maintenance Reliablity Leader and Prosci Change Manager.  David focuses on developing frameworks and roadmaps for organizational improvement.


Engineer, Project Manager, Infrastructure Planning

30+years as a Professional Engineer and Project Management Professional (PMP). Experienced in the design, construction, operation and upkeep of municipal engineering infrastructure, with a particular focus on water, wastewater and stormwater.


Systems Integration, Data Modelling

15+ years experience as a database manager, software architect and software developer. As a seasoned programmer versed in SQL and the Microsoft stack, Gary has built the PrimeObjects platform -- a SaaS solution for asset-intensive organizations.


PhD. Climate Change, Natural Assets, Stakeholder Engagement

Over 20 years engaged in applied research and professional practice in Canada and Latin America related to sustainable cities & communities, local economic development, indigenous economic development, and impact measurement. Gretchen holds a PhD in Geography and Masters in Community Planning. 
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Asset management is multi-disciplinary in nature and draws upon 39 different subject areas. While our team has over 50 years of experience with different facets of infrastructure stewardship, we have a support network to call upon specialized sub-consultants to supplement our services, as required.


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