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A comprehensive restoration of an asset to an acceptable condition by either rebuilding and/or swapping out of internal components. The purpose of the overhaul is to yield optimal performance and ensure durability.

The process includes the following general steps:

  • Remove
  • Disassembled (tear down)
  • Clean 
  • Inspect 
  • Repair as necessary (rebuild or swap out) 
  • Tested

The term is usually reserved for assets of the mechanical system. Some typical examples of overhaul activities:

Overhauling often occurs mid-way through the life of an asset and represents the single biggest major maintenance activity on the asset.

Overhaul is a term that is typically reserved for mechanical assets.

An asset is often required to be taken off site to be stripped down and rebuilt for the overhaul.

Overhauls are sometimes classified as major maintenance.
Fig. Sump pump overhaul

Fig. Parkade fan overhaul

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