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To make ready for action.

Mobilization meeting agenda for facility condition assessment (FCA):
  • Contract execution.
  • Communication protocols (email, telephone, etc).
  • Contacts for facility access.
  • Contacts for facility knowledge resources (maintenance/operations).
  • Facility hours of operations.
  • Stakeholder notifications.
  • Scheduling.
  • Security protocols (sensitive areas such as washrooms and server rooms).
  • Safety protocols (hazardous materials, crawl spaces, etc)
  • Access to roof areas.
  • Document reviews (drawings, prior investigations, maintenance logs, etc).
  • Room ID schema, equipment ID numbers.
  • Sources for financial information (G/L, CRN, etc)
  • Facility staff interviews and survey questionnaire.
  • Contractor interviews.
  •  Temporary site office with internet access (2-3 days).

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