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Level-1 Maintenance
Relatively basic maintenance tasks that do not always require specialized skills and/or specialized equipment. 
Some of the Level-1 activities can be carried out by building personnel, such as the building caretaker

In situations where the Level-1 activities require special safety provisions, these should be carried out by independent contractors or persons who are properly skilled and have the necessary equipment.

Level-1 maintenance will typically be characterized by the following:
Further information on each of these attributes can found on their respective pages of this glossary.

Listed below are some examples of level-1 maintenance tasks:
  • Washing of the accessible vision glass at ground level.
  • Mopping of the floors in the lobby.
  • Vacuuming of the hallway carpets.
  • Minor reviews of the building.

Management Principles
Level-1 maintenance must be carefully assigned as to avoid exposing staff and owners to safety hazards
Fig. Vacuuming of the hallway carpets is an example of a level-1 maintenance task that is often carried out by a caretaker.

The maintenance plan organized by team member participation.
Fig. The maintenance plan organized by team member participation where level-1 maintenance is generally performed by the custodian or caretaker or individual owners.

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