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Functional Categories

A building-level functionality assessment or facility performance evaluation (FPE) and indexing approach captures both qualitative issues and quantitative functionality-loss metrics that affect facility performance relative to its mission

This approach considers 14 comprehensive functionality categories, listed below, that relate to user requirements, technical obsolescence, codes, laws, and regulations: 

  • Location – suitability of building location to mission performance; 
  • Building Size/Configuration – suitability of building size and layout for the mission; 
  • Structural Adequacy – capability of structure to support seismic, wind, snow, and mission related loads; 
  • Access – capability of building to support entry, navigation, and egress as required by mission; 
  • Level of compliance with the legislation governing barrier free access. 
  • AT/FP – compliance with DoD anti-terrorism/force protection requirements.
  • Building Services – suitability of power, plumbing, telecom, security, and fuel distribution systems; 
  • Comfort – suitability of temperature, humidity, noise, and lighting for facility occupants; 
  • Efficiency/Obsolescence – addresses energy efficiency, water conservation, and HVAC zoning issues; 
  • Environmental/Life-Safety – addresses issues such as asbestos abatement, lead paint, air quality, fire protection; 
  • Missing/Improper Components – availability and suitability of components necessary to support the mission; 
  • Aesthetics – suitability of interior and exterior building appearance for the mission; 
  • Maintainability – ease of maintenance for operational equipment; 
  • Cultural Resources – historic significance and integrity issues that impact utilization and modernization. 
The extent to which a facility fails to meet these categories (ie., functional obsolescence) is identified by the functionality gap and functionality index (FI).

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