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Exposure-Based Maintenance (EbM)

A form of maintenance particularly a variant of condition-based maintenance (CbM) and risk-based maintenance (RbM).

There are two key facets to EbM:

1. Fixed intervals that vary in length at different locations (such as hallways carpets in high traffic areas done every week vs. low-traffic areas done once a month)

2. Variable intervals or floating intervals to respond to certain events - no fixed amount of time between scheduled maintenance activities but activities must follow (or precede) certain events. 

Listed below are some of the attributes of this maintenance paradigm:

  • The intervals of maintenance activities will vary in different locations (ie., "exposure zones").
  • The frequency of maintenance typically depends on environmental conditions, such as:
  • Light traffic or heavy traffic
  • Light Use vs. Heavy Use
Exposure-based maintenance is sometimes organized on a variable interval or floating interval. to capture changing exposure conditions such as inclement weather.

    Included below are some outline examples of exposure-based maintenance tasks: 

    • “Inspect roof after each rainfall or inclement weather".  
    • "Check generator after each power outage"
    • We vacuum our stairwell carpets once a month since the traffic is lighter than in our hallways, which we vacuum once a week.

    Evaluation and Management Principles
    Exposure based maintenance is not suitable for bounded assets and some non-discretionary maintenance tasks.

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