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Condition Scale
Also referred to as a "condition rating".

A method for ranking the relative condition of each asset or system with a building.

Alternative Schemes

Scale #1 - 3-Tiered
  • Good
  • Fair
  • Poor
Scale #2 - 5-Tiered
  • Excellent.  Only normal scheduled maintenance is required
  • Good.   Some minor repairs needed; functions okay
  • Fair.   More minor repairs required; mostly functional
  • Poor.  Significant repairs required; system not fully    functional for building use; does not meet all codes
  • Critical/Bad (Very Poor). Major repair or replacement required to restore function; system unsafe
  • Absent.  A system that does not exist in a facility
A condition scale provides a means of indexing the assets in a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA).
Example of a facility in poor condition established by the facility condition index and extended facility condition index
Fig. Two key performance indicators confirming that a facility is in relatively "poor" condition.

example of the progression of deterioration from "P" to "F" along the P-F curve
Fig. An example of the progression of deterioration from potential failure ("P") to functional failure ("F") along the P-F interval.

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