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Change Management
The 7th chapter of ISO 55000 is titled continuous improvement.

Constraints to Change
Listed below are some of the constraints to change within an organization

Process of Change Management
Listed below are some of the keyi steps in a change management process.
  • Understand the culture of the organization.
  • Conduct a gap analysis
  • Determine the organization's level on a maturity spectrum
  • Understand the constraints to change - culture of the organization
  • Appoint a change manager

Leadership reflecting on the organization's culture
Fig. Leadership reflecting on the different manifestations of the organization's culture.

Fig. Organizational "knots" (problems) require patience and finesse to untangle them -- or they will get even tighter.  Do you know how to untangle the knots in your organization?

Functional silos will defeat the organization. Rather, integration, collaboration and alignment are some of the critical success factors.
Fig. Is your department pushing on a rope or caught in a tug of war? Functional silos will defeat the organization. All kinds of rope wars are futile. Once we put the ropes away we can focus on integration, collaboration and alignment are some of the critical success factors. How do you get all your departments to alignt to align to the risk register.

From gap analysis to ISO 55001 (ISO 55000) conformity certificate for the Asset Management System (AMS)
Fig.  From "Gap Analysis" to ISO 55001 conformity certificate for the asset management system (AMS).

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