Asset Priority Index

One of several indices to categorize assets

The relative priority of assets may be identified by several means, including:

Priority classification can be a subjective exercise depending on the needs of the person making the evaluation. Therefore, the index requires the rankings to be based on judgements that are considered to be in the best interests of the building and not in favour of any particular space user.

High priority assets must be equivalent to the vital organs of the human body.
The index is intended to assist the owner and facility managers to make decisions regarding:

The following assets are typically deemed to have relatively high priority in the index:
  • Fire alarm equipment
  • Elevators
  • Gas sensors
The following assets are typically deemed to have relatively low priority within the index:
  • Interior paintwork
  • Some recreation amenities (such as pool table)
Fig. Elevators are an example of an asset that is essential to facility operations and is therefore typically deemed to have a high priority ranking relative to other assets.

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