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AssetInsights.net - the ISO 55001 ISO 55000 Journey by David Albrice

About AssetInsights.net...

This website contains over 2000 pages of content, which are offered as supporting material for our consulting and educational services.

Our clients are asset owners, asset managers, and all types of asset stakeholders who want to learn more about the principles for responsible stewardship of the assets in which they have an interest.

  • Assets can be linear (such as infrastructure)
  • Assets can be vertical (such as buildings)
  • Assets can be portable (such as plant machinery, fleet, rolling stock and IT)
Our goal is to provide meaningful educational workshops, training sessions and presentations were we share information that empowers our clients and workshop participants.
  • Insight into the behaviour of assets
  • Foresight into how to plan for future events
  • Oversight tools for the management of projects
  • Hindsight from the lessons learned by other organizations
  • Line-of-Sight for alignement with your organization's objectives
Your comments and feedback are welcome. Please contact us on the social networks below to share your thoughts and ideas..

David Albrice, BSc. URP., CAMA., MIAM., ARP., PRA
Senior Asset Advisory Consultant



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