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VFD Retrofit
A form of retrofit project resulting from economic obsolescence of an asset.

Installation of variable frequency drives on pumps and fans and other mechanical equipment to reduce their energy consumption (energy load).

This type of project has the following attributes:

Listed below are some of the key steps in the process of a VFD retrofit project:
  • Commissioning of an energy audit to confirm and quantify the cost benefits, incremental costs, paybacks, etc.
  • Confirmation that the retrofit will qualify for any applicable Product Incentive Program (PIP).
  • Installation of new pumps with VFDs.
  • Monitoring and validation of energy savings.
VFD retrofit
Fig. Triplex booster pump package replaced with package that includes VFDs.

Product Incentive for VFD retrofit
Fig. Product incentive for new pumps with variable frequency drives.

VFD Retrofit Before
Fig. Booster pump triplex package without FVDs.

VFD retrofit control panel
Fig. VFD control panel on new booster pump triplex package.

VFD retrofit
Fig. New booster pump triplex package with VFDs

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