Service/Test Tags (Verification)
__ placed on equipment and near equipment to confirm maintenance validations, which typically bear the name of the service contractor.

Service tags are coupled with service reports.

Types of Tags:
There are three classes of tags that are sometimes found in mechanical and electrical service rooms:
  • 1. Instruction/information tags (Maintenance tags)
  • 2. Verification tags (service tags)
  • 3. Date tags (date stamps)

Service Tag Information:
Tags include information on the following:
  • Date of last service
  • Date of next service
  • Valve sequence of operations
  • Filter sizes
  • Filter replacement date
  • Recommended temperature settings on controls
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Fig. Service tag.

Service tag on fire extinguisher.
Fig. Service tag on fire extinguisher.

Fig. Service tag on emergency generator.

service tag on emergency lighting
Fig. Service tag on emergency lighting.

Service tag on backflow valve
Fig. Test tag on backflow valve.

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