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Service Life Table (SLT)

Also called a "Life Expectancy Table". One of a variety of techniques for predicting the life of an

The SLT typically takes the form of a spreadsheet, prepared by a service life agency, that lists the average service lives of a group of assets either presented as modal year or median life.

Service life tables are sometimes derived through a monte carlo method by consulting with experts in the field.


The SLT is a tabular representation of a discrete  probability distribution that can be applied to classes of similar assets.

Listed below are some service life agencies that publish SLTs used in the facility management field.

      US agencies

      Canadian agencies

Since SLTs are based upon normal (symmetrical) distributions, they are intended to provide generic life expectancy data for groups of similar assets they are often classed as grounded in  theoretical data rather than empirical data. The data needs to be normalized to account for:

  • Local exposure conditions
  • Global Maxima and Local Minima
Fig. Excerpt from a service life table (SLT).

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