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Schedule of Warranty Expirations (SOWE)
One component of a package of 10 key oversight documents for asset management.

Content of SOWE
The Schedule of warranty expirations is a concise list of the following information associated with the active and dormant warranties on the assets within a facility.
  • The asset with an active warranty (eg., roof).
  • The type of warranty (ie., contractor, manufacturer).
  • The duration of the warranty (eg., 5 years, 10 years).
  • The party responsible for the warranty (ie., stakeholders).
  • The name of the consultant involved, if any.
  • A backup copy of the warranty certificate.
  • The lead time prior to expiration of the warranty to arrange for a warranty review.
  • Any pertinent notes.
  • The initials of the person who made the entry.
A spreadsheet template is provided here.

The Importance of SOWE
Each expiration represents a milestone as a future event that must be tracked in the best interest of the owners.

The SOWE is a critical document in the OMSI
and serves to help provide oversight for:

  • To protect the owners in the event of a warranty claim.
  • To guard against missed warranty dates.
  • To give the owners time to prepare for warranty reviews in sufficient time prior to expiration of the warranty periods.
  • To help ensure the owners do the necessary maintenance and care to guard against voiding of any warranties.
  • To hold contractors and others accountable in accordance with the terms and conditions of the warranties
Cost Savings
  • To avoid spending money on items that are covered by warranty
  • To ensure the commissioning of a warranty review in sufficient time prior to expiration of the warranty period.
  • To demonstrate due diligence to the warranty provider.
  • To effectively manage the lead times during the warranty cycle.
The SOWE is of paramount importance during the following two stage:
The SOWE forms one of they reference documents for the Operations and Maintenance Support Information (OMSI).
Examples of SOWE
For example:
  • Roof warranty - March 2016 expiry
  • Boiler warranty - Feb 2015 expiry

Evaluation of SOWE
Advantages of the SOWE list:
Limitations of the SOWE list:
  • There will be many years in the life of a facility when there are no active warranties and therefore the list is dormant during these periods.
A warranty review does not prepare a Schedule of Warranty Expirations (SOWE) but identifies warranty defects that are registered with the insurer prior to the expiration dates, thereby preserving the owners’ legal rights to action. The SOWE is a tool that help as follows:
  • It assists the property manager in identifying the appropriate lead times to commission the warranty review. 
  • It assists the consultant in confirming which assets are still covered under the different forms of warranty
A good maintenance plan, handed over as part of the commissioning process, should include a SOWE as one of the key documents to guide the risk management program.  The property manager would then be responsible to keep SOWE up to date, to monitor the advancing deadlines, and to make this document available to consultants as a reference document. 

Unfortunately,  the majority of maintenance plans do not include SOWE and if they do, it is not always a clearly itemized list. While maintenance plans do generally include a package of the warranty certificates, the manager is often tasked with having to figure out the warranty dates. Since the majority of property managers do not have a readily available list of their warranty expiration dates for their buildings, and they are distracted by other matters, they sometimes miss warranty deadlines.

Preparation of a SOWE can be a complicated task that requires an understanding of the different types of warranties (labour, manufacturer, 3rd party insurer), which vary across the asset register.

As long as the consultant is mobilized in sufficient lead time before the warranty expires (say 6+ months) they can conduct a document review with or without SOWE. While SOWE is a recordkeeping tool that ensures efficiency, there are other means, albeit more onerous, to ascertain the warranty deadlines.
Schedule of Warranty Expirations SOWE
Fig. The schedule of warranty expirations (SOWE) on the asset management pyramid.

Schedule of warranty expirations SOWE
Fig. Excerpt from a sample schedule of warranty expirations.

The four asset management schedules (highlighted in "green") that are necesssary to support a warranty review.
Fig. The four asset management schedules (highlighted in "green") that are necessary to support a warranty review.

I. Care is wondering about the database and software application that he needs to manage his facility
Fig. I. Care is wondering about the database and software application that he needs to remember all historical events and effectively manage his facility.

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