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Routine Maintenance

Maintenance to an asset that is planned and performed on a regular and consistent basis. 

Routine maintenance has the following general attributes that distinguish it from other forms of maintenance:

  • The routine is most commonly based on fixed intervals of time, such as “every x hours of machine time”, “every x days”. 
  • It usually occurs quite regularly, since as daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.
  • The routine activities are funded from the annual operating budget.
  • Depending on the type of building, it represents anywhere from 10-30% of the operating.
  • Many of the tasks are performed by contractors under a service agreement and is therefore a form of planned maintenance.
  • The majority the routine maintenance tasks are performed as time-based maintenance (TbM).
  • It is proactive in nature.

Example Tasks
Examples of routine maintenance activities typically include some of the following:

  • Steam cleaning of the carpets (once a year)
  • Washing of the windows (every six months)
  • Lubricating of the pumps (yearly)
  • Mopping of the floors (daily)
  • Mowing of the lawns (weekly during the growing season)

Candidate Assets/Application
Routine maintenance is best suited and appropriate for the following assets and circumstances:

Listed below are some of the variations of routine maintenance:

1  1
Fig. Floor polishing (left) and carpet vacuuming (right) are examples of routine maintenance tasks as they are carried out several times each year and funded from the annual operating budget..

Multi-year strategic planning associated with a capital project.
Fig. Routine maintenance tasks (shown in "blue") carried out every year relative to major maintenance tasks (shown in "orange") carried out at less frequent/variable intervals and renewals (shown in "yellow").

Fig. Leaf blowing is an example of a routine maintenance task.

1 1
Fig. Boiler Servicing and window washing are routine maintenance tasks.

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Compare with:

Comparing minor (routine) maintenance to major maintenance using a roof as an example.
Fig. Comparing minor (routine) maintenance (shown in "green") and major maintenance (shown in "red") using a roof as an example.

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