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Reliability-Centred Maintenance (RcM)
A structured process, originally developed in the airline industry, to determine the asset/equipment maintenance strategies required for any physical asset to ensure that it continues to fulfill its intended functions in its present operating context. 

A systematic method to balance between preventive and corrective maintenance, and to choose the right preventive maintenance action for the right component at the right time to reach the most cost efficient solution.

Listed below are some of the key steps in the RcM methodology:
  • The assets are decomposed, extensively analyzed and described, FMEA are made for the most critical components, and the maintenance organization and processes are carefully redefined. 
  • The three kinds of maintenance strategies are assigned to each asset:
  • The maintenance mix is established.

Listed below are some of the variations of reliability centred maintenance:

Listed below are some of the merits and advantages of RcM:
  • RcM is particularly useful and feasible for maintenance of identical installations. 
Listed below are some of the limitations or disadvantages of RcM:
  • A certain level of maintenance maturity is required to ensure accurate and complete asset data.  
Maintenance Mix Cost Evaluation
Fig.  The correlation between the  maintenance costs and repair costs associated with the three different maintenance strategies.While Predictive Maintenance (PdM) generally has the highest  maintenance cost, it will result in the lowest repair costs. CM, on the other hand, has the lowest maintenance cost but the highest corresponding costs associated with asset repairs.

The changing ratio of the maintenance mix over time.
Fig. The changing ratio of the maintenance mix over time.

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Roof drain cleaning                 Carpet cleaning

1  1  Landscaping                         HVAC pump service

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