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RACI Matrix

This is a table that is similar to the roles & responsibilities (R&R) matrix but includes greater clarify on the roles where each column is assigned to one stakeholder and each row to a specific task.

  • R: Responsible (The Doer) - Those who perform the tasks and are responsible for its completion. Every task must have at least one responsible party.
  • A: Accountable (The-Buck-Stops-Here) - Those who has the authority to approve or disapprove. The decision makers at certain go-no-go points in the project cycle.
  • C: Consulted (In-the-Loop) – Those who has the expected expertise and whose opinions are sought, typically subject matter experts. There is two-way communication between those that are consulted and those that are responsible and accountable.
  • I: Informed (In-the-Picture) - Those who are kept up-to-date on progress, often only on completion of the task or deliverable. There is just one-way communication, which is often done simply to manage stakeholder relations.


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