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A sequence of steps taken to achieve an activity within a process.

Processes & Procedures (P2) are intimately tied to Roles & Responsibilties (R2) and Authorities & Accountabilities (A2)

Process vs. Procedure vs. Work Instruction
Included below is some information to clarify the distinctions between these concepts:

Examples of procedures

Listed below are the key steps in the current state analysis:

    A.  Before
  • Review best practices
  • Determine/select the framework to be used in the current state analysis
  • Assemble a competent team 
    B.  During
   C. After
  • Conduct best practice research against which to benchmark the current state
  • Import the data into a gap analysis
  • Develop improvement initiatives
  • Develop a roadmap
  • Conduct an audit
  • Achieve certification to demonstrate conformit

The hierarchy of organizational purpose
Fig. The hierarchy of organizational purpose with processes at the top of the pyramid.

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