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Postdated (Postdating)
A form of scenario planning that can take various forms in reference to future states and future events:
  • 1. Reporting that an ongoing  project is completed and setting the service life clock to zero.
  • 2. Modeling the data as if a amelioration has occurred. for example: assuming that the owners will install water treatment equipment to mitigate further deterioration of the pipes and thereby extend the service life.
Postdating serves to provide a scenario of the completed future state and is useful when a draft report or final report needs to be issued before a large capital project is completed. Postdating is not advised if the funding for a project has not yet been approved.It may not be practicable to wait for the project to be completed before issuing the report.

The report would include a disclaimer note about the postdating that has occurred during the transitional state.

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