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Minor Review

An evaluation or re-evaluation of a building, a system or an asset which is usually small-scale, carried out annually, and done by in-house staff rather than specialized contractors.

Purpose of the Minor Reviews
Listed below are some of the primary objectives of minor reviews:

Attributes of Minor Reviews
Major reviews have the following general attributes:

The frequency and scope of major reviews will vary but generally these occur on a 1-2 year cycle

Examples of Minor Reviews
Typical examples of major reviews include the following:

  • Keeping records of ongoing projects
  • Conducting surveys (such as balcony condition survey) to identify any lack of care on the part of the owners

Listed below:

  • Confirm observation points
  • Identify piggy back opportunities
  • Confirm staff skill levels

    Fig. Examples of "major reviews" such as exterior sealant reviews (8 years).

    Fig. Inspection of sump pump and rooftop air handling unit as an example of a major mechanical reviews.

    Different types of maintenance tasks distributed across the four seasons of an annual maintenance program.
    Fig. Major reviews and other forms of inspection reflected across the annual maintenance program.

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