Maintenance Supplies/Stock

The spare parts/materials needed for ongoing maintenance activities, which are stored in the building for future use.  

Supplies are generally of the following types of consumables:

  • Janitorial supplies (such as cleaning chemicals).
  • Paint supplies (such as spare paint cans, brushes).
  • Spare tile supplies.
  • Belt supplies for fans.
  • Filter supplies for fans.
  • Sprinkler heads. 
  • Electrical supplies, such as lamps and ballasts.
Equipment and spare parts that are stored on the premises for maintenance activities. This typically includes items such as:
  • Paints and brushes
  • Fan belts
  • Lamps and ballasts
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Fig. Paint supplies.                     Fig. Varied supplies.

1  Filter supplies for maintenance
Fig. Filter Supplies

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Fig. Sprinkler head spare parts

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Fan belt supplies in mechanical room
Fig. Fan belt supplies in mechanical room.

1  Spare floor tiles as maintenance stock
Fig. Janitorial supplies.              Fig. Spare floor tiles

Fig. Caulking supplies.

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