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Maintenance & Renewals Plans (MRP)
Sometimes also refered to as a Maintenance and Renewals Manual.

A handbook containing instructions, rules or guidelines for performing maintenance tasks on the physical assets of a building. The purpose of the maintenance & renewals plan is to ensure that the assets are kept in good working and that they achieve their full intended service life.

 The plan identifies the inventory of assets that must be maintained, the types of maintenance tasks (such as inspecting, cleaning, and lubricating), the intervals at which maintenance is to be carried out (such as weekly, or annually), and the skill levels required for each maintenance task.

The plan is summarized into user-friendly checklists sorted by building system (such as enclosure, mechanical, etc), by season and by priority-ranking (such as mandatory warranty requirements or discretionary items).

While an MRP provides estimates of the costs to renew the assets, a reserve study goes one step further and analyses cash flow in the reserve account and options for funding of the work.

A maintenance plan that also includes information on the projected service life of the assets and costs for future renewal of the assets.
Fig. MRP in binder format with electronic copy on disk

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