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Facility Performance Evaluation (FPE)

An extension of what had been called "post-occupancy evaluation." 

FPE is a continuous process of systematically evaluating the performance and/or effectiveness of one or more aspects of facility. It typically extends well beyond a physical assessment and includes consideration of obsolescence and other such qualitative factors.

The qualitative (and quantitative) evaluation is conducted in rrelation to issues such as:

The results of the FPE is a Functionality Index (FI)

The methodology with vary depending on the following:
There are four different levels of assessment that can be applied to a facility condition assessment:

Management Principles
An FPE results in a plan for:
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Fig. Field inspections are one of the primary data collection methods used in a facility condition assessment.

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Fig. Diagnostic testing (left) and destructive testing (right) may be included to gather data for the FPE.

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Fig. Interviews (left) and surveys (right) to gather data for the facility performance evaluation.

Facility Life cycle model indicating get ahead costs
Fig. Lifecycle model to indicate the stage at which functional obsolescence ("yellow") is most prevalent. Obsolescence forms a critical component of the scope of a facility performance evaluation.

Retrofit of fluorescent strip lighting from T12 to T8 and T5 fixtures for improved energy efficiency.
Fig. Retrofit of fluorescent strip lighting from T12-to-T8 and T5 fixtures for improved energy efficiency. An example of a recommendation arising from a facility performance evaluation.

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