Energy Audit Levels

Energy Audit Levels.  __________ It is generally recognized that there are three levels of energy audit, which are summarized below.

l       Level 1 Audit.  This is sometimes called an overview, which provides rough orders of savings and costs and allows the overall energy consumption of the site to be evaluated to determine whether energy use is reasonable or excessive. It provides initial benchmarks of the site so that the effect of energy measures can be tracked and evaluated. It may be in the form of a “desktop study”, however the information given to, or gathered by, the auditor needs to be sufficient to enable the overall level of efficiency of the site to be determined. Accuracy of figures would generally be within 40%.

l       Level 2 Audit.  This audit identifies the sources of energy to a site, the amount of energy supplied, and what the energy is used for. It also identifies areas where savings may be made, recommends measures to be taken, and provides a statement of costs and potential savings. A Level 2 audit is an energy use survey, which is expected to provide a preliminary assessment of costs and savings. Accuracy of figures would generally be within 20%.

l       Level 3 Audit.  This provides a detailed analysis of energy usage, the savings that can be made, and the cost of achieving those savings. The report from a Level 3 audit often forms the justification for substantial investment by the owner or an energy performance contractor. Detailed economic analysis with appropriate level of accuracy is required. A Level 3 audit is expected to provide a firm estimate of savings and costs. Accuracy of figures would be within +10% for costs and -10% for benefits.

When selecting the Level of Audit, consideration is given to the following:

l       The Size of the Facility.  Facilities less than 20,000 square feet are sometimes considered candidates for a Level 1 Audit and facilities over 20,000 square feet for a Level 3 Audit.

l       The Type of Facility.   Depending on circumstances, ice rinks and pools are generally candidates for a Level 3 Audit while a library and museum complex might be best suited to a Level 1 or 2 Audit.