Dynamic Rollover

An automated process of obtaining update data at the start of each new calendar year or fiscal year or base year or other such milestone date, through automated mechanisms, typically by a software application.

This mechanism is only pertinent to dynamic data (such as age and condition) and not for static data (such as size)

Listed below are some examples of dynamic rollover:

  • All assets automatically become one year older each year on January 1
  • The opening balance of the reserve account changes each year as money is allocated or withdrawn.
The purpose of dynamic rollover is to achieve the following by continuous straddling of the past, present and future:
  • Running Total
  • Accumulated Backlog
  • Planned vs. Actual

A living process. 

Reconciling the past, present and future

  • Past
  • Present
  • Future


The challenge is to agree on how the software application should record tasks (lets say a roof renewal) that was, at one time (lets say during an initial study done in 2010), “forecast/recommended” to have happened in a particular future year (lets say 2012) and that year is now behind us and we are doing an update study (lets say in 2013).
  • Should the software application automatically carry forward all such tasks into the current year or should it keep a running list of deferred maintenance?
  • How do we want to show planned vs. actuals for the events that were supposed to have occurred between the initial study and the update study?
  • How should we best straddle the past-present-future as we continue to move through time.
  • Do we want a tactical plan that simultaneously looks forward a few years and backwards a few years? 

Here are some trends that are helpful:


  • 1.            FCI, EFCI and FNI
  • 2.            Annual operating budget
  • 3.            Annual reserve contribution
  • 4.            Reserve balance
  • 5.            Cost of Reproduction New (CRN)
  • 6.            Accumulated backlog of deferred maintenance (DM)

Fig. Shifting horizons on a 30-year strategic plan

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