A legal statement, usually included in a reserve study and maintenance plan, which generally states that the consultant who prepared the report is not responsible for any mishap resulting from misinterpretation of the information in the report or reliance on the information to make decisions. 

Application to the Range of Techniques

  • Data based on a visual review only.
  • No destructive testing was carried out on any of the assets

Application to Rigour applied to the Techniques

  • Readily accessible
  • Readily available
  • Surface conditions or concealed conditions
  • The personnel who conducted the assessment are knowledgeable of building systems and construction, but not technical specialists in each of these fields.
  • Cost estimates are Class D.
  • The assessment is based, in part, on information provided by others.
  • Determination of the presence of asbestos containing mateirals or lead content within the older paint finishes adn Phenolic insulation within the roof systems was beyond the scope of work.

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