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"Critical" (Condition/State)

One of the relative positions on  a condition index /scale that can be applied to either individual assets (such as roofs and boilers) or entire facilities.


Urgently needed; indispensable; of essential importance. Pressing.

The typical scale utilizes terms such as:

Application to Facilities 
The "good" ranking classification is utilized in the following key performance indicators

The fourth tier on the condition spectrum utilized in the Facility Condition Index (FCI). 

While there is no industry accepted level of criticality, it is generally considered to fall in the 30+% range.

Generally associated with a facility that is operating at Level 4: 
Reactive Management.

Listed below are some of the merits of this condition ranking scheme:
  • The ranking scale is simple and intuitive to use. 
Listed below are some of the limitation of this condition ranking scheme:
  • The terms are somewhat subjective and relative. 
  • The four tiered ranking scale may be too granular in some circumstances.
Fig. Examples of a roof asset in critical condition.

Example of a facility in critical condition established by the facility condition index and extended facility condition index
Fig. Two key performance indicators (KPIs) indicating that a facility is in relatively "critical" condition.

asphalt roadway in critical condition
Fig. Example of an asphalt roadway in critical condition.

Fig. The FCI spectrum indicating the four levels of relative condition.

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