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Bundled Life
The blended remaining life of all the components of an asset achieved through an aggregation and weighting of the individual unbundled lives. In other words, a type of roll-up of all the individual lives into a single life estimation.

For example:
  • The remaining life of the boiler is four years, which is the averaging of the various components of the boiler (pump, refractory, controls, etc).
  • Our boiler refractory has 2 years of life remaining, our boiler pump has 4 year of life remaining, the controls have 4 years of life. After weighting and consideration of the critical component we have assigned a bundled life of 2 years.
It is important to recognize that the bundled life calculation will attach a higher weighting to the critical component of an asset than to the secondary and tertiary components.

Bundled life is useful for the aggregation of large volumes of data for general planning purpose without being overwhelmed by minutae. Bundled life estimation may not always be pragmatic and practical in some applications, particularly with bounded assets and in the case of statutory maintenance requirements.
Bundled Life
Fig. The generator is made up of many components (such as hoses, filters, batteries, bellows) which each have separate lives that can be rolled-up to a bundled life estimation for planning purposes.

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