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Asset Utilization Index (AUI)

The extent to which an asset is used in daily operations of the building relative to all other assets.  

AUI is measured using one or more of the following metrics:

A low AUI may sometimes result in a long-life asset.


For example, emergency generators and fire suppression equipment have a low AUI since they are only called into service during emergencies and generally sit idle the rest of the time. Therefore, the standard of care in maintenance of low AUI assets is not necessarily any different from other assets with a higher utilization index.

A low AUI does not necessarily mean that the asset has a low priority index of low strategic importance.

Listed below are some examples of assets that generally have a low AUI:
  • Emergency generator
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Smoke detectors
  • Carpet flooring in stairwells
  • Water heaters in amenity buildings

High AUI

Pumps and boilers, on the other hand, have a higher AUI. The asset utilization index does not necessarily have a correlation with the Asset Consumption Index, and should not be used to make resource allocation decisions. Assets with low utilization may still have a high priority, particularly bounded assets that exist solely for use in emergencies.  

Listed below are some examples of assets with high AUI rankings:
  • Make up air units (run continuously)
  • Recirculating pumps
  • Lobby doors
  • Overhead gate motors
Asset with low asset utilization
Fig. Emergency generators have a low AUI but must always be ready when called into service during emergencies.

Moderate utilization asset
Fig. Elevators have a moderate AUI with peak periods, which can vary between buildings depending on the volume of foot traffic.

High asset utilization
Fig. Rooftop make-up air units have a high-AUI since they are required to run continuously.

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