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A notification of an impending event or milestone, typically issued automatically by a software application such as a CMMS.

Applications of Alerts
Listed below are some of the key events to which alerts may apply:

Examples of Alerts
Included below are some examples of alerts:
  • Take notice that the warranty on the roof is expiring in 4-months.
  • Take notice that the budget planning cycle for the next fiscal year begins on August 1.
  • Take notice that the gutters need to be cleaned in one month.

Parameters of an Alert
Alerts are based on the following parameters:
  • The alert is issued on timetable derived from appropriate lead times
  • The alert is issued to certain authorized parties and stakeholders.
  • The alert is based upon some Business logic and tactical planning.
  • The alert may pertain to a single task or a bundle of tasks.
An alert can be assigned to an individual task or to a bundle of tasks.

Content of an Alert

Individual “tasks” are bundled into “projects” or “blocks” and the project/block has a lead time that is calculated off the task that has the longest lead time. Similar to the “critical path” concept in project management.

The client receives a “project/block alert” and not a “task alert”.

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