The term has two meanings

1. The ability to get to an asset in order to carry out inspections, maintenance or other activities.  

2.  The ability to get to a service. In this regard, it is one of the univeral customer values.

Assets that are not easy to access tend to sometimes get neglected

Accessibility is in one of the 14 functional categories of a facility

Accessibility may be impacted by the asset's location in the following areas of a building:

Assets may be inaccessible for a variety of reasons.

Accessibility is managed with the following asset management tools and techniques:
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Fig. Access to exterior walls of a facility by boom lift.

Fig. Access to interior equipment by scissor lift.

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Fig.  Access by swing stage.

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Fig. Access by Ladder
               Roof Hatch by Ladder

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Fig.  Roof access ladders.

See also:

Fig. Access by scaffold.

Chessboard analogy to illustrate operational challenges
Fig. Chessboard analogy to illustrate accessibility aso one of the operational challenges in asset management.

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